Living Room Decor – From the Inside Out Or the Outside In?

When decorating a living room for the first time or even the fiftieth time, the ever looming question remains: should you build the room from the inside out or from the outside in? This has never been an easy question to answer and it’s not one that should be taken lightly.

If you design your living room from the outside in, you’re very likely to create a perimeter that will leave you feeling trapped in a room that has too much room to swim in. It both makes sense and doesn’t make sense. Building a perimeter around the walls of the room will only mean that there is too much around the outside and not enough on the inside of the room. Your living room is going to be one of the most high traffic areas of your home, no doubt…isn’t everyone’s? So why would you want it to be uncomfortable with a complete lack of Feng Shui?

Of course, decorating your living room from the inside out may have the opposite effect but just as devastating consequences. Many who design the living room from the inside out find that items are cluttered closer to the center of the room and there’s not enough living space-it’s a living room for crying out loud! There should be living space.

Never fear. There is a happy medium. The first thing you should do with your living room is choose a focal piece. For many in our society this is usually the television set. Although, for design’s sake, I recommend starting with an area rug that you love, want people to see and that you truly want to be a living part of your living room.

Choose the location that you feel best suits your area rug-this will depend on the theme of your room and the shape and size of your area rug; for instance, if you have a modern area rug to go with a modern theme, the center of the room might not be the best location and if the rug is half the size of the room, you may want to make sure it is in exactly the center of the room. Once you’ve settled on the perfect place for your area rug, you can start placing furniture, keeping in mind how much of your rug you want to be seen and how much you want to sit under a couch, where never an eye may lay sight upon it.

I’ve found over the years that having this type of focal point, whether it be the television, an area rug, a favorite plant, a coffee table or a chair, can truly bring a sense of comfort and freedom to your living room while at the same time bringing in discipline and an obvious sense of style.

And remember, even with a large room, you can create a focal point by pairing two area rugs or two coffee tables as your focal point.

Why Indian Wooden Furniture is Perfect Living Room Decor

Furnishing a home is a great experience, but only if it is done the right way. Today, a wide range of living room furniture is available, which can fit any budget, taste and requirement. One of the best available living room decor is Indian wooden furniture. Here are three simple reasons why Indian wooden furniture makes for good living room furniture.

It’s Authentically Different:

Furnishing the home with Indian wooden furniture is the best bet for people who wish to furnish their homes ‘differently’. Very few people would take the time out to decide which kind of Indian furniture would be perfect for their homes and a small percentage of them actually know what Indian furniture is all about. Therefore, one can consider that people wishing to furnish their homes with Indian wooden furniture are a niche in themselves!

It’s Beautiful:

India is one of the countries in the world with the oldest cultures, and it shows in almost anything that originates from India. The food, the furniture, the lifestyle, etc all have the distinct stamp of Indian culture, which only adds to the beauty and aura of Indian furniture. Also, it is a misconception that Indian furniture is either too heavily made up or will have such intricate designs that none of them will match your home. Today, there is modern as well as authentic antique Indian furniture available today. The modern furniture carries the durability that Indian furniture is known for, and takes from the creativity of the new generation – the perfect fusion between the best aspects of the past and the present.

It’s Durable:

The home, furniture and hearth have a special place in Indian culture. In fact, there are several people who live in an ancestral home all their lives. This is true in the rural as well urban India. Therefore, it goes without saying that Indian furniture also plays a very important role in an average Indian’s life. Some part of furnishings, like the sandook, or the cupboard is actually meant to be family heirlooms. Therefore, they are built very strong an durable – which only adds to the quality of the product that you are buying.

Five Essential Pieces For Your Living Room Decor

A living room should be a social room. Modern living rooms often point toward an oversized TV, but when company comes the living room becomes a conversation room. To facilitate good conversation, it is important to decorate accordingly. Good decor will prompt conversation when needed and act as a soothing background when socializing takes center stage. There are endless possibilities when it comes to decorating a living room, but here are five basic tips that will help you get started.

1.) Lamps

Lamps are often overlooked when it comes to design. They are ubiquitous and because of that there importance is often underestimated. But a couple of stylish lamps can make a room. And if the lampshades aren’t stylish, wrapping some contact paper around them is an easy and inexpensive trick.

2.) Prints

Many big box retailers carry a huge variety of framed prints. They are inexpensive and sometimes disregarded by professional designers. But if you take the time to sort through the huge collections you are bound to find something worthy of your new living room.

3.) Drapes

Custom drapery is expensive there is no two ways around it. However, many retailers carry a large supply of stock window and door treatments that will match nearly any decor. Stroll through enough aisles and you’re bound to find something that will set off the color in your walls and round out the perfect living room decor.

4.) Pillows

Throw pillows are a great way to introduce noticeable accessories. Two simple cushions upholstered with the right style fabric will match the walls, drapes and other accessories in the room and give the decor that professional touch.

5.) Glass

Glass can include a number of accessories. The most common pieces are vases, and these can be found in thousands of styles, shapes, sizes and colors. But you can also find hand blown pieces good to hold fruit displays or other centerpieces.

With these five pieces added to your living room decor, you are bound to impress your guests, spark conversation and find a new level of relaxation in your home! Remember, each design is based on personal taste. There are rules to follow and tips that may make the job easier, but in the end it is your home and the audience you are aiming to please is yourself. So have fun with it! Choose the colors, styles, designs and pieces that strike a chord within you. If you do this while following these simple tips you will find the process pleasurable, rewarding and addicting!