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Last comments


09055604722 or +2349055604722

Prince * commented 2020-02-29
This unfamiliar number sent a message with the text, look at your photos, and a link. This is definitely a scammer


08179041306 or +2348179041306

Akeem commented 2020-02-29
We really need the location of the owner of this phone number, he just stolen 1.2m naira from my Dad.


08119874963 or +2348119874963

Ayo commented 2020-02-29
The owner of this number is a cultist in poly Ibadan


08061566648 or +2348061566648

Usman Bello commented 2020-02-29
This number is another Nigerian mobile being used for Section 419 fraud.


08001702474 or +2348001702474

Mavis * commented 2020-02-29
I do not pick up when I see a call from a similar number


08008880994 or +2348008880994

Ashimedua * commented 2020-02-29
I ask you to block this number because it is spam


08008883049 or +2348008883049

Solomon * commented 2020-02-29
When I answered the call from this number, music was playing on the other side of the line, and then it hang up


08008887553 or +2348008887553

Kelechi * commented 2020-02-29
I need the name of the company that owns this number to file a complaint with the police


08009191506 or +2348009191506

Isaac * commented 2020-02-29
Please tell me whose number it is, constantly calls and hangs up


08030585810 or +2348030585810

Sabiuu Bala Salihu commented 2020-02-29
It's my number