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Last comments


07062629297 or +2347062629297

IBITOMI OLU commented 2020-07-13
This number sent a quick message, Call me back I asked who he or she no response.


07012906709 or +2347012906709

Enitan * commented 2020-07-13
Does this number call everyone in the morning?


08001007114 or +2348001007114

Durodola * commented 2020-07-13
Who it was and why it called me, I still could not understand


08001007168 or +2348001007168

Ayodeji * commented 2020-07-13
I do not answer any polls even on the street, and even more so by telephone.


08001233487 or +2348001233487

Fadekemi * commented 2020-07-13
I am more than sure that this is a scam, do not answer these scammers and do not give any information!


08001233586 or +2348001233586

Mojirayo * commented 2020-07-13
I do not need any insurance, leave me alone!


08068953313 or +2348068953313

мошейник commented 2020-07-13
человек с єтим номером телефона представляется доктором Дєвидом Вилиамсом.говорит что из миссии оон. просит сначала помочь ему с влетом из Ливии украину.но потом ачинает требовать деньги на билет .рассказівает что отправил на мой адрес багаж с большой суммой денег.теперь угрожает расправой


07046795315 or +2347046795315

Name commented 2020-07-13
After the hacker is done scamming me, Recent call of the number nw shows the owner of the number is completely innocent of the scam done to me. It was hacked. May God forgive the hacker


09054220003 or +2349054220003

Raja mohamed ali commented 2020-07-13
Owner details


08109325057 or +2348109325057

Wale commented 2020-07-13
This number was used to register for money wallet by fraudster, I have evidence, for info contact 08059160569